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You are in Brands - Pictolín


Pictolín is another of the brands with long tradition in Spain. At present, Pictolín, is synonymous with pleasure. With a wide range of flavors, it is undoubtedly one of the reference brands in the Spanish market.

Balsamic candies, sugar-free, fruit flavored, chews… the whole variety imaginable.

The original, it has been present in Spanish homes from 1,952, Pictolín mint candy. One of the preferred in the market for balsamic candy.
Pictolín sugars-free
The sugars-free version of classic Pictolín. With all the flavor of the Classic, but without sugar.
Pictolín Fullmint
Strong mint and Eucalyptus Pictolín. It clears your throat immediately.
Pictolín Licorice
Made with real licorice.
Pictolín Licorice sugars-free
Made with real licorice and without added sugar.
Pictolin Anise
The traditional anise candy.
Pictolin Anise sugars-free
Your usual anise candy, without sugar.
Pictolín Honey Lemon
The smoothness of honey and the effect of lemon in a candy.
Pictolín Honey Lemon sugars-free
The smoothness of honey and the effect of lemon in a candy without added sugar.
Pictolín Honey Eucalyptus
The perfect combination of honey and eucalyptus, perfect for throat problems.

Pictolín Chocolate and Cream
All the taste of chocolate in a sugar-free candy. Made with real cacao.
Pictolín Dulce de leche
The traditional Argentinean dessert made candy.
Pictolín Lemon and Cream
The lemon sherbet made candy.
Pictolín Mint and Cream
All the taste of mint and cream in a candy.
Pictolín Licorice and Cream
For those who prefer a lighter taste of liquorice.
Pictolín Caffé
Your sugars free Pictolin made with coffee and a touch of milk

Pictolín Cristal
Fruit flavored deposited candy. Discover its smooth texture.
Pictolín Cristal sugars-free
Fruit flavored deposited candy without sugars. Discover its smooth texture.
Pictolín Gajitos
Orange and lemon slices-shaped candies.
Pictolín Gajitos sugars-free
Orange and lemon slices-shaped candies, all the flavor of lemon and orange, without sugars.
Pictolín Minizum
For lovers of traditional sweets.
Pictolín Minizum sugars-free
Assorted fruits flavored candy without sugars.

Pictolín Fruit chews
All the flavor of the fruit in soft chewing candy.
Pictolín Chews sugars-free (strawberry, raspberry, peach)
The taste of fruit and the sweetness of the cream. All this without sugars.
Pictolín Chews sugars-free (toffe, chocolate, coffee)
Sugar-free candies with coffee, chocolate and toffee flavors.
Pictolin jelly
Sugars free pectine jellies. Pleasure and taste without sugar

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