From 1976 the company began wholesaling. It sells to all six continents.


Interván began trading in January 1972 at a 300 m2 warehouse by making and selling its products. In the beginning Interván focused on the sale of bakery produce and cakes.

Little by little Interván grew over the following years, expanding its range of products and also its sales. Spurred on by an eagerness to grow and innovate, it became established amongst national confectionery manufacturers and the company soon set its eyes on international markets.


In 1991 in order to keep growing, Interván joined up with the company SOS Arana Alimentación. The financial boost this gave us meant Interván's turnover rose with rising sales year after year.

During this time Interván strongly focused on sugarless sweets and was one of the pioneers in this niche in Spain. This made Interván one of the national leaders in the manufacture of sugarless sweets today.


In the year 2000 Interván has repurchased the Pictolín, a leading brand of lozenges in Spain. This allowed Interván to become established in the lozenge niche and to broaden its range of products which was already extensive.


Interván left the SOS consortium and went its own way, having become established in the industry, both nationally and internationally. This was due to its wide range of products, modern premises, adaptation to legal requirements and excellent human capital.


Today Interván has modern premises, with cutting-edge machinery which enables it to manufacture a range of products: hard sweets, soft sweets, lollipops.., all of which are subject to the strictest internal and external quality controls (FSSC 22000).