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In the search for an optimum health, today's society shows a high interest in food and nutrition.

The consumption of candy in the context of a balanced diet can bring its contribution as a source of energy and pleasure, and providing intimate or sharing moments of satisfaction.

Sweets and calories

The calories that sweets provide come mainly from carbohydrates present within its composition. It is a readily available energy within a few minutes after consumption.

According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, up to 10% of the total calories we eat every day may come from this type of carbohydrates ie sugars.

Concern about maintaining one´s figure and prevention of obesity in both adults and children, is not incompatible with occasional and moderate consumption of sweets. Weight gain is never caused by a particular food, but because we eat more than we burn and this surplus accumulates in the body.

Candies, intolerances and allergies

· Celiac Disease

It is a process which alters the small intestine as a result of intolerance to gluten in people who are genetically predisposed. Gluten is a protein present in some cereals. The treatment of this disease is to remove gluten from the diet completely. Intervan products do not have gluten in their formulation.

Intervan products are not marketed for specific nutritional diets. However, the absence of gluten in their composition makes them suitable for people with intolerance to that protein. Also, for people affected by disruptions in the metabolisation of carbohydrates we offer a wide range of sugar-free products.

Intervan recommends a varied and balanced diet as part of a healthy lifestyle.

For more information, we offer our contact form.

· Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetics must keep a balanced diet similar to that of people who are non diabetic, taking special care with carbohydrate or simple sugars. Intervan manufactures a wide range of sugar-free products. All of them are made with Isomalt (a natural sugar substitute with half the calories of sugar) which is more suited to the metabolism of diabetics.

· Natural colourings

Intervan, concerned about the consumer safety, is producing all its candies with natural colourings which are recognised as the most innocuous in the world.

· Other allergies and intolerances

Currently there are many people with a special sensitivity to various components which are used in food processing. To avoid risks it is recommended that you always read the product labelling. Intervan specifies in their packaging all ingredients used , and for any doubt that may rise, they offer a customer care-line.

Sweets and dental hygiene

With the improvement in dental hygiene and the introduction of fluoride, there has been a significant reduction in cavities. Intervan contributes to this due to the low adherence of all its sweets, including chews, which are not sticky, and its range of sugar-free candies made with Isomalt, which do not cause tooth decay.

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