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History of candy
Are sweets fattening?

No food results in weight gain. We put weight on when we eat more than we burn. The candies may be included in a perfectly healthy diet.

Can a child with celiac disease consume candy?

A child with celiac disease can eat sweets as long as these do not contain gluten in their ingredients. Intervan products are gluten-free and appear on the list of the Spanish Federation of Celiac Associations.

Can diabetics eat candy?

People and children with diabetes can eat candy, but always in the context of a balanced diet. Intervan sugar-free candies are made with Isomalt, a low-calorie sweetener that facilitates this balance.

What products contain ingredients considered allergens?

Candies may contain compounds which can cause allergies in some people. However, Intervan specifies the ingredients of each product in order to avoid reactions, and provides concrete information if there are doubts.

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Who are the coffee sweets for?

The candies made with natural coffee are aimed for the adult palate and may produce a slight boost as they are made with real coffee. For specially sensitive people a decaffeinated option exists, with Café Dry Descafeinado.

What raw materials are used in the preparation of sweets?

Intervan manufactures its products with high quality raw materials, all free of genetically modified organisms. Intervan has a traceability system unique in the industry

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